Semar Pegulingan Set


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Semar pegulingan is a type of bronze court gamelan that can be 5, 6 or 7 tone. This beautiful Semar Pegulingan orchestra is crafted from top-quality bronze with casings made from jackfruit wood and painted in gold gild.This orchestra comes in a standard tuning from the maker.

Should you wish a unique tuning, ethnomusicologist and longtime Bali resident Vaughan Hatch can work together with the gamelan makers to create a tuning that will be particular to your orchestra. Contact us for further information about this professional service. Listen to an example of a unique semar pegulingan tuning that Vaughan created together with tuners for Mekar Bhuana Conservatory’s own antique gamelan set.

We are aware that purchasing gamelan orchestras or instruments from overseas can be a complicated and frustrating process without professional experience and fluid communication on the ground in Bali. This is why we make the utmost effort to personalise your purchase and supervise the quality of the craftsmanship, tuning and handling of all instruments before they are shipped to your country. Quality control is carried out personally by Balinese gamelan researcher and longtime Bali resident, Vaughan Hatch, who is also the co-founder of Mekar Bhuana. This expertise is included in the price of all our orchestras and instruments, and justifies the price you are paying to have professional instruments that will last you a life-time.

Approximate production time: 12 months.

Watch a video of one of the sets personally managed and tune by Mekar Bhuana Production based on pre-20th century key and pot dimensions:


– 1 terompong with 14 pots

– 4 gangsa pemade with 7 keys

– 4 gangsa kantilan with 7 keys

– 2 jublag/calung with 7 keys

– 2 jegogan with 7 keys

– 1 ceng-ceng ricik on wooden, carved and gold-gilded base

– 1 kajar time keeper

– 1 kelenang time keeper

– 1 gong kempur (approx 55 cm) in carved and gold-gilded frame

– 1 kemong (approx 25 cm) in carved and gold-gilded frame

– 1 gentorag

– 2 kendang kerumpungan drums

– 3 suling flutes

– 1 rebab

– 1 complete set of mallets

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