Baleganjur Set


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Baleganjur is known as Bali’s marching gamelan orchestra, as in its more simplified bebonangan form it was once used to in battle formation. It is perhaps the loudest, energetic and most furious of all Balinese gamelan orchestras. Baleganjur sets are used at many ceremonies and also for secular events, to welcome guests, for processions and for competitions. These sets are great as ‘starter sets’ for schools and universities, as an introduction to the exciting rhythms of Balinese music. This is a high quality complete bronze set made up of 21 instruments.


– 1 Gong Wadon: large hanging gong in a frame (female, low 80 cm gong at the lowest pitch)

– 1 Gong Lanang: large hanging gong in a frame (low 77 cm gong pitched slightly higher than the female gong)

– 1 Kempur (medium, 52 cm gong)

– 1 Bende (bossless 52 cm gong)

– 4 medium sized reong pots tuned to a 4 tone pelog (unevenly tempered, minor sounding) scale

– 1 ponggang: two medium sized pot gongs

– 8 pairs of large ceng-ceng cymbals

– 1 pair of large double-headed kendang drums

– 1 kempli time keeper – horizontal pot gong

– 1 tawa-tawa time keeper – horizontal pot gong with a short, penetrating sound

– 1 complete set of mallets

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