Gangsa Semara Pagulingan Practice Instrument


This Gangsa Semara Pagulingan has seven tones and is tuned to an old-fashioned tuning rather than the modern-style tuning. With seven tones, you can play traditional Balinese gamelan music in seven different five tone modes. Hear what classical semara pagulingan court music sounds buy buying Mekar Bhuana’s debut album. This is the group in action.

The keys are made from durable 5 mm thick iron that is painted black which is a protective coating to help reduce rust. The casing is made from either bingkerai or merbau wood, yet is light and strong enough to be transported anywhere. Before packing, this instrument weighs just 4 KG.

Watch this testimony by a customer who bought a mini set of our iron-keyed semara pagulingan instruments (the gangsa is the medium sized one):

Here is an example of how they sound:

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