Gangsa Semarandhana Practice Instrument


Keep up with the rest of your semarandhana group by having a practice instrument at home! This light weight (just 6.1 KG before packing) yet squat and sturdy  gangsa is perfect for practicing interlocking patterns on your coffee table. Semarandhana is a type of hybrid gamelan orchestra conceived by I Wayan Beratha in the early 1980s as a combination of gong kebyar and semara pagulingan. This means that both repertoires can be played, and is often a preference for groups who don’t wish to purchase both gong kebyar and semara pagulingan instruments.

Tuned personally by Mekar Bhuana founder, Vaughan Hatch, unlike other iron-keyed practice instruments in Bali, the quality of the sound and accuracy of the scale is of a standard that can be used for performance. One mallet included. Currently only available with black keys.

For a limited time only, we are including a complimentary Mekar Bhuana Semara Pagulingan CD valued at USD20.00 with this purchase.

At this price and quality, this instrument is a bargain.

Contact us for further information about additional costs for custom tunings.

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