Semarandhana (Semarandana) Set, new


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A Semarandhana orchestra is a hybrid type of gamelan set that was created by I Wayan Beratha in the early 1980s. He combined gong kebyar and semar pegulingan where the instruments have seven tones but only 5 in the lower gong kebyar range. An additional nding tone is found at the top of the gangsa allowing for easier playing technique. The oscillations of the waves between the paired tones is normally tuned to the faster kebyar style, but this is a matter of tuner or buyer preference.

We are aware that purchasing gamelan orchestras or instruments from overseas can be a complicated and frustrating process without professional experience and fluid communication on the ground in Bali. This is why we make the utmost effort to personalise your purchase and supervise the quality of the craftsmanship, tuning and handling of all instruments before they are shipped to your door. Quality control is carried out personally by Balinese gamelan researcher and longtime Bali resident, Vaughan Hatch, who is also the co-founder of Mekar Bhuana. This expertise is included in the price of all our orchestras and instruments, and justifies the price you are paying to have professional instruments that will last you a life-time.

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