Mekar Bhuana Sourcing

Mekar Bhuana Sourcing is a specialist Bali-based online platform (not a physical store) that stocks the finest Balinese music and dance products, crafted and produced by local Balinese artisans. We source and support products which have been hand picked for their quality and originality. Our antique products, such as gamelan instruments and ensemble sets have been thoroughly checked and verified for their quality and authenticity by expert musicologists. We also stock practice instruments, handmade leather puppets, top-quality masks, books, as well as Mekar Bhuana merchandise for fans of Mekar Bhuana Centre.

Here you can find such products in one place, saving you precious time and money sourcing from different villages across the island; and we offer extremely reasonable prices and quick, personal feedback on all our items.

Our small team of Balinese gamelan and dance experts are all members of Mekar Bhuana Centre who are passionately dedicated to the documentation and reconstruction of rare and extinct Balinese performing art-forms.

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