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How to Shop

It is quick and easy to shop at Mekar Bhuana Online Store!

Simply follow these steps:

1. Click on product you want to buy.

2. Click the green Add to Cart button to add the product to your Basket (Shopping Cart). Shipping costs will be automatically calculated for products under 2kg. 

3. If you want, click on another product to buy and add it to your Shopping Cart.

4. If you decide you want to remove a product, click on Basket, then check the box next to the product you want to remove and click the green Update button.

5. Once you have finished adding products, click the Check Out tab.

6. Then either register as a new/guest customer (please include your phone number also for ease of tracking shipped items) or login as a returning customer. Click the green Continue button.

7. Choose your Shipping method and your Payment method. Read our Terms & Conditions, and, if you agree to them,  check the box. Click the green Continue button.

8. Now you have a final chance to check the details of your order. Once you are sure all the data is accurate, click the green Confirm Order button.

9. Wait for email confirmation from us before you make payment. If you have chosen PayPal as your payment method, we will email you our email address.

10. Pay for product(s) and shipping via Transferwise, bank transfer or PayPal, .

11. Once we have received total payment, we will process your order and email you to confirm postage/shipment date.