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Jublag Semara Pagulingan Practice Instrument

Jublag Semara Pagulingan Practice Instrument
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Price: $70.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: iron, seven keys
Manufacturer: Mekar Bhuana
Average Rating: Not Rated

This Jublag Semara Pagulingan has seven tones and is tuned to an old-fashioned tuning rather than the modern-style tuning. With seven tones, you can play traditional Balinese gamelan music in seven different five tone modes. Hear what classical semara pagulingan court music sounds buy buying Mekar Bhuana's debut album. This is the group in action.

The keys are made from durable (will last a lifetime or more!), 5 mm thick iron that is polished and covered in a protective coating so they won't rust.

The casing is made from either bingkerai or merbau wood, yet is light and strong enough to be transported anywhere. Before packing, this instrument weighs just 6 KG. Buy some gangsa and kantilan to build up a set!

Note that this particular practice instrument doesn't come with mallets. Buy some semara pagulingan jublag mallets from our accessories section.

Check out this testimonial by a customer who ordered a custom-made mini set of semara pagulingan instruments:

Here is an example of how they sound:

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Jublag Semara Pagulingan Practice Instrument
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