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Gangsa Pelegongan Practice Instrument - Standard Quality

Gangsa Pelegongan Practice Instrument - Standard Quality
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Price: $67.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: iron, five keys
Manufacturer: Mekar Bhuana
Average Rating: Not Rated

This five-keyed gangsa pelegongan practice instrument has five 5 mm thick keys and is based on the old-fashioned key layout like Mekar Bhuana Centre's pelegongan orchestra, with the high 'ndang' tone on the left: 51234. Hear what five-keyed pelegongan music sounds like by watching a video of Mekar Bhuana's pelegongan troupe in action.

This instrument is ideal for students both students who have studied at Mekar Bhuana Centre as well as those who are interested in understanding how the original layout of pelegongan instruments works and affects composition, interlocking patterns and overall feel in a pelegongan, bebarongan or semara pagulingan orchestra. Currently only available with black keys.

These instruments are tuned to a pelegongan scale as opposed to a semara pagulingan or bebarongan scale. Custom tunings can be ordered for an additional fee: Contact us for a quote.

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