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Demung Gambang Practice Instrument

Demung Gambang Practice Instrument
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Price: $96.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: iron, seven thick keys
Manufacturer: Mekar Bhuana
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

This demung gambang practice instrument is a squat metallaphone with seven thick iron keys in a characteristic Balinese gambang tuning. The art of gamelan gambang dates back nearly 1,000 years in Bali and is considered one of Bali's more sacred types of archaic instruments. A full gambang set includes 4-6 caruk xylphones with 14 bamboo or wooden keys each as well as 2-6 gangsa gambang which come into two sizes: demung (large) and saron (medium). Demung gambang keys are normally made from bronze and the casings from one piece of hollowed out wood; however, to allow them to be portable we have made iron-keyed instruments with wooden box style resonators.

You can also buy a saron gambang to make a pair of gambang instruments.

Watch a video of how two of a demung gambang and a saron gambang (sounded at an octave higher) sound together when they introduce gambang melodies:


Watch this video testimony of our youngest customer receiving the gambang instruments that his dad bought for him:

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Demung Gambang Practice Instrument
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Demung Gambang Practice Instrument
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